Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sony Ericsson S500i - The Sign of Perfection

The new arresting Sony Ericsson S500i mobile telephone French telephone is a totally manner and style witting mobile telephone equipped with many merriment and utile characteristics making the user proud of it. The mobile telephone French telephone come ups in a pick of two colors including a cryptic greenness coloring material and a glamor springtime yellowness coloring material that supplies a natural component to the telephones design. The Sony Ericsson S500i mobile French telephone come ups with a smooth microscope slide gap chemical mechanism that uncovers the glossy computer keyboard and natural designing of this stylish phone. The Sony Ericsson S500i mobile telephone French telephone come ups with a measuring of 99mm x 47mm x 14mm weighing a sum of 94 grammes making it feeling good for the user to throw in a single hand, as well as providing a slender French telephone to suit in the user's pocket.

The Sony Ericsson S500i mobile French telephone have a big and clear silver silver screen that tin show up to 262k colors on a 240 x 320 pels declaration screen. The attractive characteristic of this French telephone from Sony Ericsson is the built in 2 megapixel photographic camera that is complete with dedicated menus, 4 x digital zoom along and direct interaction with the telephones messaging services. It is possible for the user to bask picture recording and picture streaming on the mobile handset. The Sony Ericsson S500i come ups with Bluetooth stereo system (A2DP) with the aid of which the user can download and shop the front-runner music on the mobile phone. The French telephone come ups with the PlayNow download service that volition aid in downloading the music within three chinks of a button.

The Sony Ericsson S500i mobile telephone back ups both edge and Bluetooth engineering ensuring fast velocity information transfers. The battery existing in the French telephone supplies approximately three hundred and 70 hours of standby clip or approximately nine hours of talking clip from a full charged battery. The mobile telephone French telephone back ups multimedia system messaging, textual matter messaging and electronic mail messaging service devising things easier for the user.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nokia 7500 Prism - Get the Best

One of the biggest and most celebrated mobile telephone makers in the world, Nokia have a repute that brands it stand up apart in the market. The French telephones manufactured by Nokia for assorted sections are characteristic rich and come ups with engineering that few others can tout about. Prism, its up-to-the-minute scope of telephones is for the style enthusiasts. Its advanced designing and brilliant characteristics do it a French telephone worth owning.

This aesthetically designed telephone come ups in varied hues, such as as Pink, Blue and Green. Its geometrical designing do it a alone French telephone meant for the style witting cognoscentis of today. Dimension of 109 x 43.9 x 14.4 millimeter and weight of 83 grammes guarantees that the Nokia Prism comfortably suits in your thenar and pocket. The telephone come ups with a Two inch 16.7 million coloring material OLED silver screen and touts of a solid declaration of 240 x 320 pixels.

The in-built 2 mega pel photographic camera in the Nokia 7500 Prism come ups complete with flash and 8x digital zoom. The images clicked are of high quality and it even touts of a picture recording facility. Also, the telephone can play H263, MPEG4 and WMV files. The music participant in the French telephone is a value improver that you all would love to listen to. The amusement factor is well taken attention of with this highly efficient telephone having the ability to throw 1500 songs and providing 9 hours of music. The memory in the French telephone can also be expanded through a microSD card. The memory in the telephone tin be expanded up to 2 GB, making it possible for the users to hive away all the relevant information in the telephone itself that can be accessed even while on the go.

Nokia 7500 Prism come ups with first-class deals. To help them see the assorted online mobile stores and do the most of this Christmastide season!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sony Ericsson K530i - Personal Computer in Your Pocket


A mobile telephone is nil but a agency for communication. There are different theoretical accounts and different types of mobile telephones whereas Sony Ericsson K530i Ag is different. It is in fact different in all respect. Certain particular characteristics available in the mobile telephone are given below.

An Out look

Sony Ericsson K530i Ag mobile telephone is very smooth and a glossy mobile phone. Besides a telephone it have both photographic camera and cyberspace options. Among the Kelvin series mobile telephones in Sony Ericsson, this theoretical account of mobile telephone is more than popular and fast moving mobile phone. It have a big digital colour screen. There is a pilotage key just below the silver screen and near to it is the short cut key which enables the user to have got an easy entree the chief tool bar. This type of mobile telephone is available in two colours they are achromatic and silver. Since the mobile is glossy and convenient it can be easily carried and it suits into any size of the pocket. The size of the mobile is 102 millimetres long, and the breadth is 46 millimeters, the weight of the mobile is just 92 grammes only.

User's information

There are certain particular characteristics in the mobile which is commonly not available in all the other mobile phones. They are as follows:


Sony Ericsson Kelvin 530i Ag have the cyberspace browser which can be accessed easily from any portion of the world. It have the hypertext markup language version of 2.0 and a 3G telephone which assists the user to quickly entree the cyberspace and which even assists the user to entree it though he is beyond the mobile coverage. It have RSS feeds which supply all the studies to the mobile device through these feeds. There is also picture conferencing available in this mobile telephone with which the user can name the other individual having the same characteristic for video conferencing and expression at the other company human confront to face. Due to handiness of 3G the transferring of information is very simple and fast.

Blue tooth

This mobile of Sony Ericsson Kelvin 530i have got bluish tooth with which the user can have handiness to the caput set without the usage of wires. It also have the USB connecting facility. With this the user can shift all the data files and booklets from one mobile to another. This mobile telephone have a memory card which have memory up to 16 megabyte and which can be extended up to 1GB.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Korean Cellphone Makers Expand Global Market Share

Korean mobile telephone shapers expanded their planetary marketplace share in the 3rd quarter.

Data released by a marketplace research house Scheme Analytics on Monday show Samsung Electronics grabbed 15 per centum of the planetary cell telephone market, up half a percentage point from a one-fourth earlier.

LG Electronics took up nearly eight percentage of the planetary pie, up three-tenths of a point.

That do Samsung's the 2nd most widely used French telephones and LG the 5th most popular worldwide.

Industry leader Nokia saw its marketplace share travel up slightly to 39 percentage while Motorola came in 3rd and Sony fourth.

Arirang News

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Iraqi fighters 'grilled for evidence on Iran'

US armed military units functionaries are putting immense pressure level on inquisitors who oppugn Iraki insurrectionists to happen incriminating grounds pointing to Iran, it was claimed last night.

Micah Brose, a privately contracted inquisitor workings for American forces in Iraq, near the Persian border, told The Perceiver that information on Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Iran is 'gold'. The claim come ups after American Capital imposed countenances on Islamic Republic Of Iran last month, citing both its atomic aspirations and its Revolutionist Guards' alleged support of Shiah insurrectionists in Iraq. Last hebdomad the United States armed forces freed nine Iranians held in Iraq, including two it had accused of golf course to the Revolutionist Guards' Qods Force.

Brose, 30, who infusions information from political detainees in Iraq, said: 'They force a batch for us to set up a nexus with Iran. They have got pre-categories for us to travel through, and by the sheer volume of classes there's clearly a batch more for Islamic Republic Of Iran than there is for other stuff. Of all the recent petitions I've had, I'd state 60 to 70 per cent are about Iran.

'It experiences a batch like, if you acquire something and Iran's not involved, it's a allow down.' He added: 'I've had people state to me, "They're really pushing the Islamic Republic Of Iran thing. It's like, shit, you know." '

Brose said that studies about Washington's increasingly hawkish stance towards Tehran, including possible military action, chimed with his experience. 'My feeling is they're just trying to acquire every small spot of ammo possible. If we acquire something here it suits the overall picture. The engine necessitates drift and they're looking for us to happen the combustible - a peculiar type of fuel.

'It now really depends on who acquires elected President in the US. If nil alterations in the current course, I'd state military action is inevitable. But we have got to trust there will be a alteration of course.'

He denied ever being asked to fabricate evidence, adding: 'We're not asked to manufacture information, we're asked to happen it. But if a political detainee desires to state me what I desire to hear so he can acquire out of jail... you cognize what I'm saying.'

Other armed forces intelligence functionaries in Republic Of Iraq refused to comment, but one said: 'The message is, "Got to happen a nexus with Iran, got to happen a nexus with Iran." It's sickening.'

Last hebdomad in Bagdad the United States military showed journalists a recently discovered cache of mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and bomb-making materials it claims are of Persian origin. Rear Admiral Gregory Xiii Smith, spokesman for Multi-National Force Iraq, said it was possible they crossed the boundary line before a recent promise by Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Iran to halt the flowing of ordnance into Iraq.

He said: 'Iran have had a historical malign influence here in Iraq. They have got financed many of the activities of Shiah extremist groups. In many lawsuits they have got got done training, they have actually deployed some of their force here in theatre. The Qods Military Unit (Iranian Revolutionist Guards) have got come up here - we cognize that, we've got some in detention. They have got said in many lawsuits they were not here and mean to back up a more than peaceful result in Republic Of Iraq and we look for their excellence in achieving that.'

Among the arms American Capital have accused Islamic Republic Of Iran of supplying to Iraki insurrectionists are EFPs, or explosively formed projectiles, which fire a bullet of molten metallic element capable of penetrating even the most heavily armoured military vehicle. The figure two United States commanding officer in Iraq, Lt Gen Beam Odierno, said there have been a crisp diminution in the figure of EFPs establish in Republic Of Republic Of Iraq in the last three months.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Japan's Softbank wins most cell phone users in October

Softbank Corp, Japan's least mobile telephone carrier, added more than new users than
its larger challengers for the 6th consecutive calendar month in October, information released by the
operators showed on Wednesday. Softbank signed up 158,600 net
additional subscribers, whipping No 2 KDDI Corp, which added a network 133,800 users. Both far outran Japan's top mobile telephone bearer NTT DoCoMo Inc, which netted
39,100 new users. The
subscription information come ups on the heels of new pricing programs by DoCoMo and KDDI in
which the two would take down calling complaints and monthly fees while raising handset
prices to deter users from switching carriers.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Free Gift With Mobile - Merry Times!

Mobile telephone trades have got gained an blink of an eye popularity in the United Kingdom mobile telephone market. The competition in the marketplace had attained such as a phase wherein luring new clients was an acclivitous task. To do it simpler, new and advanced methods were devised. Formulating perky mobile trades was one. The traders and merchandisers gauged the shopper's mind and came up with the option of offering free gifts to the clients along with a mobile and the connection. Today, you-the customer is the king. Get everything that you desire and at a charge per unit that volition do it all a deal that is deserving it!

It is a great experience to acquire free gifts with mobile telephone or any merchandise that you desire to buy. Now you can help exciting and utile free gifts along with any mobile French telephone that you purchase as portion of a mobile telephone deal. Free gifts with mobile telephone like picture iPod, Bluetooth headset, Xbox 360, Sat Nav, PS3 etc. are amongst the most common 1s that are offered to the customers. Some traders even offer free coverage for your telephone when you do a purchase with them. Moreover, the cashback land sites offering particular trades and free mobile accoutrements with the product. All the up-to-the-minute French telephones by some of the top line makers companies now gives mobile telephones with peculiar gifts.

Targeted at a particular audience, mobile telephone trades come up along with gifts like music players, gambling comforts etc. The immature and the hip crowd definitely fall for the appliance they have got been hoping to have for a long clip and it goes easier to entice them and do them travel for the trade that they offer. Sometimes, even the French telephone is given to the user for free! Imagine getting your front-runner mobile free of cost, along with free gifts and insurance, plus discounted career rates. Can there be a better clip to purchase that up-to-the-minute mobile telephone you have got been longing for?!

Friday, November 2, 2007

U.S. military sees decline in Iran-linked bombs in Iraq

WASHINGTON — Islamic Republic Of Iran may be curtailing the flowing into Republic Of Iraq of deadly armor-piercing missiles that have got go a major slayer of U.S. troops, although more than clip is needed to corroborate the trend, Defense Secretary Henry Martin Robert Bill Gates and senior military functionaries said Thursday.

The figure of explosively formed missiles (EFPs) that have got been detonated or establish in Republic Of Republic Of Iraq have dropped by nearly half in recent months, from a extremum of 99 in July to 53 last month, Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the commanding officer in complaint of day-to-day military trading operations in Iraq, said Thursday in a videoconference with Pentagon reporters.

Drop in violenceViolence in Republic Of Iraq have declined by respective measurements over the past four months, according to U.S. armed forces data, a development that Bill Gates hailed as a success.

But in response to a inquiry during a separate Pentagon briefing, he stopped short of saying the United States is "winning" in Iraq.

"Those end up being laden words," Bill Gates said. "We have got been very successful. We necessitate to go on being successful."

Iranian leadership have got given self-assurances to the Iraki authorities that they will seek to halt the flowing of the missiles and other arms from Iran, Bill Gates said, but he added: "I don't cognize whether to believe them."

He also said: "It's too early to tell" whether the flowing have been significantly reduced.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Khamenei, is "probably" aware of the arms flowing to Iraq, Bill Gates said. "My conjecture is that the peak degrees are aware," he said.

"I don't cognize how they couldn't be," added Adm. Michael Mullen, president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Islamic Republic Of Iran have denied providing arms to Iraki reserves and insurgents.

Caches still foundU.S. forces have got continued to happen caches of EFPs, including one of the biggest ever a hebdomad ago, Odierno said, but he noted that the uncovered cargoes could predate any understanding to decelerate the flowing of weapons.

The Shrub disposal have got ratcheted up pressure level and rhetoric against Iran, including the infliction of fiscal countenances last month, and President Shrub recently warned of Iran's atomic aspirations in the linguistic context of a possible "World War III."

Although senior Pentagon and military functionaries have stressed that military action against Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Iran would be a last resort, Bill Gates said that there is no difference inside the disposal over the rule of resolving struggles with Iran diplomatically.

National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe emphasized that Islamic Republic Of Islamic Republic Of Iran have not "shown at this point any willingness to play a positive function in Iraq," and said it is too soon to find whether Iran is playing any portion in curtailing the flowing of arms into Iraq.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Samsung U100 - The Real Don

The new Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9 French telephone coming with a thickness of 5.9mm is considered as the slimmest telephone in the World. It is the attractive thin casing that have made the theoretical account U100 from Samsung one of the hot merchandising telephones in the market. The French telephone come ups with easy to utilize features, but the slender designing is the chief attractive force to this handset. The mobile telephone French telephone from Samsung come ups in a choice of fashionable Grey with achromatic coloring material that adds beauty to the silkiness of the handset.

The colour silver silver screen of the Samsung U100 mobile telephone assists the user by providing up to 262k colors on a 1.9 Inch show with a 220 x 176 screen resolution. The widescreen of the mobile telephone assists the users in screening the photographs and picture recording beautifully on the high coloring material screen.

The Samsung U100 theoretical account mobile telephone come ups with a built in photographic camera that volition aid the user to capture still photographs with perfect and first-class quality. It is also possible for him to hive away and share the images along with the household and friends with the support of the millimeters service. The photographic camera installation of Samsung U100 theoretical account mobile telephone helps the user in taking photos with the same quality of that of a professional cameraman.

The Samsung U100 Red come ups with a built in mass media participant that guarantees the user perfect musical entertainment. It is possible for the user to download and bask his front-runner melodies with the aid of this mobile phone. This theoretical account mobile telephone from Samsung back ups MP3 and polyphonic sound tintinnabulation tones of voice that tin be chosen depending upon the penchants and taste sensations of the user.

This peculiar theoretical account mobile telephone come ups with an internal memory of 70 Mbytes that assists the user to hive away the photos, picture footage and messages. The mobile telephone also have the installations to send, shop and have electronic mails making it good for the users who are away from the business office or place personal computer.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Glofiish Mobiles - The Smart Mobiles

E-TEN up-to-the-minute appliances come up with many characteristics that includes 3.5G connectivity (HSDPA/WCDMA), Windows Mobile River 6, GPS, Wi-Fi and a VGA display.

E-TEN Glofiish X800 is an ultra-thin all-in-one Pocket personal computer Telephone with 3.5G connectivity. The Glofiish's Windows Mobile River 6 platform and big VGA show present improved ways to work with documents, messages and multimedia system while on the move.

The Glofiish Mobiles betters mobile communication theory with faster downloads to do surfing the cyberspace and checking electronic mail more enjoyable. The recently launched Windows Mobile River 6 platform in the offerings new and improved ways for Glofiish Mobiles to remain productive while on the move. The new Windows Live for Windows Mobile River suite come ups with public utilities to simplify web search, email, instantaneous messaging and blogging all from a single location.

The big VGA show in the telephone additions the mobile productiveness letting users show more of their documents, calendars, messages and spreadsheets onscreen at once. In improver to it, the mobile multimedia system more gratifying by allowing images and picture to be viewed in finer detail.

Coming in the dimension of 113.5x60.5x15.8 mm, the Glofiish mobile telephone keeps a similar ultra-thin, pocket-friendly dimensions. Users of the Glofiish Pocket personal computer telephones cognize - all its merchandises come ups with all-in-one connectivity solution - GSM, Wi-Fi, general practitioners and Bluetooth.

The device touts two digital cameras, an auto-focus 2-megapixel version at the rear to capture high-quality photographs and video, and a front-mounted VGA photographic camera for picture calling.

Fast performance, good battery life for a Pocket personal computer telephone with quadruple radio radios, very good keyboard, general practitioners is great at getting a hole even under harmful conditions. WiFi and Bluetooth will maintain your device connected and the unlocked quadruplet set human race telephone will maintain you talking around the globe.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cavitation Strategy - Oxygenating Coastal Ocean Dead Zones

There are dead zones off many of the seashores of the most populated coastal metropolises around the human race and the crisis is becoming too serious to disregard or deny. Yes, human civilisations necessitate to continue, but they also necessitate to make it in such as a manner that it do sense and makes not harm our oceans, as the sea conveys us life, food, and enjoyment.

Today there are dead zones off the seashores of Shanghai, Peking and other major human metropolises in extra of 250 foursquare miles. The fish if you can happen any are full of toxins and poisonous substances and the O in the H2O is highly depleted. Something must be done. 

One interesting conception is to utilize submerged propellors to make cavitation, thus, oxygenating the H2O that is depleted. A series of propellors with guards to forestall fish violent death would be put up in the worst countries where the extenuation is needed. The system would rest on the sea flooring and be movable as the sea life sprang back to life.

The systems would necessitate to be made out of space age stuffs to manage the salt H2O and the powerfulness would necessitate to be capable of harvest home ocean moving ridge energy to powerfulness up. These systems must be mass produced and sent all over the human race to work out this growth crisis.

Mankind necessitates the sea to last and when the oceans boom with life so tin mankind. World are very much portion of the eco-system and also the nutrient chain, failure to accede to this logic will spell the death of billions of people in the future.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95 - Powerful Collision

One of the most dramatic appliances of the year, the Apple iPhone is a cool communicating tool with brilliant musical capabilities. The Apple iPhone is basically a Internet-enabled Quadruplet Set GSM device with edge information web support. On the communicating part, the iPhone plant as a mobile telephone and on the amusement part, it includes mathematical functions like a camera, a portable mass media player, textual matter messaging and ocular voicemail. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. User input signal is accomplished via a multi-touch silver silver screen with practical keyboard and buttons.

The Apple iPhone is equipped with a 3.5 inch liquid crystal display HVGA touching screen (320 x 480 pixels) topped with optical-quality scratch-resistant glass. The iPhone characteristics a built in 2.0 megapixel photographic camera located on the dorsum for still digital photos, but not video recording. It also includes software system that lets the user to upload, view, and e-mail photos. The user rapid climbs in and out of photographs by "unpinching" and "pinching" them through the multi-touch interface. The software system interacts with iPhoto on the Mac. The iPhone come up ups in a pick of 4GB and 8GB memory module.

Now come to the characteristics and functionalities of the powerful Nokia N95. Equipped with a two-way skidder gap mechanism, the Nokia N95 can be opened either ways. With an incorporate 5 megapixel autofocus camera, the Nokia N95 gaining controls impressive stills and videos. Music is as good as ever in a Nokia-the phone have a built-in music participant with multiple formattings support (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA). Connectivity is brilliantly controlled through 3G, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Dad Port, edge and WLAN Wi-Fi. Other noteworthy characteristics in the Nokia N95 include Quadruplet Set support, general practitioners Navigation, 2nd photographic camera (CIF), handsfree speaker, voice recording, voice dialing, Nokia Music Manager, voice commands, written document viewer, pushing to speak etc. The telephone have also got a clear and vivacious 16 million coloring material TFT silver screen with an effectual declaration of 240 x 320 pixels.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Vehicle Tracking System

Today we all unrecorded in an insecure human race constantly distressing about the safety of our place or vehicle. We can assist guarantee the safety of an immovable place but what about movable place such as as a car? How make we guarantee the safety of our vehicles? general practitioners vehicle trailing system supplies you with the solution.

GPS Vehicle Trailing System assists you to track your company's vehicles in lawsuit they are lost or are stolen. With this advanced system you can guarantee the surveillance of your fleet. Car larceny is a very common happening these years and a general practitioners system assists you to make certain that you do not confront any such as as as unpleasant surprises.

SupaTrak presents a low cost trailing solution which is easy to utilize and install.

Advantages of general practitioners Vehicle Trailing System

• GPS devices are very little in size and can therefore be installed covertly.

• Monitors the velocity and way of the vehicle.

• Helps to turn up your vehicle in lawsuit it is stolen or is lost.

• Updates every 60 seconds, or every 30 proceedings when vehicle engine is switched off.

The cost effectual telematics solution lets ascents to the centimeters Mobile River River Worker applications
and incorporate can autobus offering exceeding characteristics such as 60 2nd general practitioners updates, covert vehicle installation, limitless user entree to mapping, web browser mapping, complete coverage that includes snail trail, start or halt and concerted GSM/GPS aerial etc. The merchandise also offers interesting characteristics such as Real Number Time
general practitioners Tracking, Truck tracking, centimeters Mobile Worker integration, Satellite Navigation and more.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Details of Samsung T509

Samsung introduced new Bluetooth cell telephone Samsung T509. With so many of the more than popular cell telephones today being Bluetooth enabled, opportunities are your telephone may be as well. Perhaps the top thing about Bluetooth accoutrements is that they can be connected to any cell telephone that is Bluetooth compatible. This agency that you only have got to purchase the equipment once rather than purchasing it every clip you switch over phones.

Bluetooth auto kits can either be portable or necessitate full installations. The portable kits may either stop up into your autos coffin nail lighter or have got their ain rechargeable batteries, which will do them utile in your car; home, or wherever you go on to be.

If you choose for the full Bluetooth cell telephone auto kit installing Samsung T509 will necessitate a professional and will be a bit. The good news however is the fact that with Bluetooth you will only necessitate to travel through this 1 clip rather than many. Some of the great characteristics of a full car installing include the splashboard display, colour screens, and general practitioners receiving systems that work with software system like Uncle Uncle Tom Tom, Wayfinder, and Path 66.

The Samsung T509's telephone book can hive away up to 1000 contacts, telephone Numbers and addresses, while a phone call listing retrieves your most recent missed, received and dialed calls. In improver to a vibrating alert, the Samsung T509 supports polyphonic ringtones. A speakerphone allows you speak custody free while you're doing other things, and image company Idaho allows you delegate a photograph to specific callers. Similarly, a toller Idaho allows you delegate ring tones of voice to callers. Like all T-Mobile phones, the Samsung T509 also back ups voicemail, company ID, conference calling, phone phone phone call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, built-in paging, and entree to T-Mobile's 411 service. Lastly, the phone's Bluetooth connectivity intends that your favourite Bluetooth headset is fully compatible.

The Samsung T509's built-in VGA (640 x 480) photographic camera gaining controls stills and picture to the phone's 10 megabyte of internal memory. The photographic camera gaining controls pictures of up to 15 secs in length at 176 x 144 resolution. Meanwhile, if you desire to get dressed up your Samsung T509, image effects, usage screensavers, backgrounds, and subjects can be put to suit your personality. Plus, Java support is built into the Samsung T509, making it a powerful gambling companion. Games are downloadable via the t-zones service.

The Samsung SGH T509 weighs 2.7 troy ounces and measurements 4.6 x 1.83 x 0.39 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.5 hours of digital talking time, and up to 172 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1800/1900 frequencies. The telephone come ups with a 1 twelvemonth limited warranty. Please purchase online http://www.phoneandbeyond.com

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free Cell Phone Deal Reviews - How Can They Help You?

There are many people who already have got cell telephones and then there are others that are going to acquire a cell phone. Either way, the cell telephone trades that you see will assist you make up one's mind which telephone and service you desire to get. You will happen many free cell telephone trade reappraisals that you can check up on into. When you happen a free cell telephone trade reappraisal you will necessitate to look for a couple of different things.

One: You will necessitate to see who the service supplier is. It is of import to cognize this so you can happen out more than about the provider. You desire to work with a supplier that have a good repute and can supply you with what you need.

Two: You desire to do certain that you happen out if the free cell telephone trade reappraisals state anything about the cost of the cell telephone or how long it would be for. Some service suppliers will have got you subscribe a contract for a certain amount of time. Not all of them necessitate this but some do. So you desire to do certain that you cognize this up front before you take any of the cell telephone deals.

Three: You desire to cognize what they can supply you with. In other words, make they offer cell figure portability, unlisted numbers, textual matter messaging, and phone call waiting, and so on. You desire to do certain that you can acquire everything you necessitate or desire for your cell telephone before you take the cell telephone trade that you desire to travel with.

Four: Make they offer you any type of protection in lawsuit something should go on to your cell phone? Volition they replace it if it is lost?

Five: Make they allow you merchandise in your cell telephone every couple of old age so you can acquire a more than recent telephone model?

You always desire to do certain that you check up on out every free cell telephone reappraisals that you find. You don't desire to just take the first 1 that you find. It is of import to cognize up presence what the cell telephone trades can offer you.

If you don't take the clip to check up on out the trades you may stop up defeated future on when you necessitate a service and you can't acquire it because you didn't pass adequate clip checking into everything first. So return the clip needed so you can acquire the cell telephone that you desire from the start.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mobile Phone Deals - Calling Made Better!

The mobile telephone trades is a popular conception in United Kingdom and every mobile telephone user is using it in some word form or the other. The mobile telephone users are have got got grown quite affectionate of these mobile telephone trades which have go quite popular in the modern-day market. The mobile telephone trades are especially tailored to come-on the prospective clients towards them. They are quite buoyant in nature and are very easy to obtain as well. Let us have got a expression at these mobile telephone trades in detail.

The mobile telephone makers necktie up with the assorted mobile web service suppliers to constitute a trade which is very attractive and offering a batch of inducements as well. The mobile telephone traders take these mobile telephone trades from the web operators and sell it out to the prospective clients as well. The mobile telephone trades include a contract between the web service supplier and the user. The user would pay a certain sum of money of money as the subscription fee to the web operator and he can bask all the blessings of the mobile telephone deals.

The most prevailing mobile telephone trade is known as the contract telephone deals, which are quite popular amongst the mobile telephone users. Under this deal, the user is given the French telephone of his pick as the greatest perk along with the assorted career inducements as free career proceedings and so on. The mobile telephone deals, also come up up with the assorted free gifts that come as an added inducement of the whole plan.

The online mobile telephone marketplace is brimming with the assorted perky mobile telephone deals. The best a user can make is to see the assorted online mobile comparing stores to happen the most perky trade in the market. These comparing shopping portals are easily available on the human race broad web and they can easily be establish out with a small spot of research. These portals guarantee that the user acquires the best trade available to him, out of a nimiety of them available on the World Wide Web. So, acquire the best of mobile telephone through the contract telephones and mobile telephone deals.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nokia 8600 Luna - A Mobile Phone For The Fashion Conscious

Nokia introduced it 8600 French telephone targeting the manner conscious. A batch of attending have been given to the inside information of the phone. The telephone is quite a stunner. Nokia have been a tendency compositor in the sorts of mobile telephones launched by them. This 1 is no exception. They have got used an advanced smoked glass. This gives the telephone a very fashionable and sophisticated look. The telephone is heavy by the new criteria but it may be the glass that adds to the weight. The French telephone in slender & easy to manage with an overall casing size of 107mm high by 45mm broad by 15.9mm deep.


The casing have a unstained steel organic structure & come ups with smooth lines and borders thus giving it a very attractive look. The show silver screen made of smoked glass gives a very cryptic expression to the Nokia 8600 mobile telephone especially when it visible lights up from inside when the telephone rings. The (2-inch) silver screen touts 16 million colours and a 320x240-pixel declaration that agency photographs and pictures look extremely crisp and natural.


Sliding up the telephone saving grace fully uncovers glossy & fashionable keypad. The smoked glass screen protects the computer keyboard on the presence of the French telephone & the photographic camera lens system on the contrary of the handset. The pilotage keys are placed just below the screen. So you can access the basic characteristics of the telephone without gap the slide.


The multimedia system present on the Nokia 8600 mobile telephone is basic but it is quite effective. There is a well protected photographic photographic camera lens system which covers the 2 mega pel camera with a 4 x rapid climb feature.


The mobile telephone come ups with a built in Internet browser which supplies the user with XHTML over TCP/IP web browsing. It also have a music participant which plays all formatting of music like AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, MIDI, AMR & WMA. Radio sound streaming tin be done through the bluish tooth. The telephone come ups with a flight manner characteristic which lets the user to entree certain characteristics on their mobile telephone when in restricted mobile telephone countries such as as in a infirmary or on a flight. GPRS Web browsing is quite good on the phone. It also have the Nokia's Express sound messaging, which lets you to direct voice-clips as MMS. This is a very interesting feature. The telephone is quadruplet set phone.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sports Nirvana - How A Fan Never Misses A Game

Bundled cablegram telecasting services and a new high definition television is a very cool combination. When Iodine watch football game every item is so clear I believe I could almost catch the passes. It's wish I'm there, but in the comfortableness of my recliner, with tons cheaper food! When I watch baseball game I could be the umpire. Field Hockey acquires almost scary, it's wish the Puck is coming right through the screen! When friends come up over the exhilaration acquires very intense. They all talking about the lucidity is like being at the game. And my friends love to come up over because there are always athletics on with great high def.

The transmission channel choice from the up-to-the-minute cablegram television companies looks endless. There is so much to watch all the time. No substance who come ups over, from my parents to my kids, they always happen something they really desire to watch. It's just a good thing there are three TVs to do everyone happy. When they're all going at once, my children are always yelling saying, "Come in here, you have got to see this!" They larn so much from the animate being channels, and all the educational channels that they actually like to watch. I even bask watching it with them. The animate beings look to be running through the room! And their friends love to come up over to watch all their favourite programs. Then they travel back place and seek to speak their parents into getting a new cablegram telecasting package.

Now if that's not enough, most cablegram companies also offer antic velocities on the Internet. It's always on when I turn on the computer, and it's so fast the land sites come up up in an instant. And downloads are a dream. I don't even believe about how long it takes because it's wish lightning! Multitasking is a zephyr because the velocity of the connexion doesn't slow 1 thing down while you work on another 1 or more. Work or play, cablegram broadband do it easier. And when I pay the 1 bill, instead of three, that's another time-saving advantage.

And there's more! The limitless telephone service my supplier offerings is something that brands calling concern free. My children can name their first cousins that unrecorded across the state and talking for hours. If they necessitate aid with their prep they can always happen a first cousin or friend somewhere who can assist them. They even name their grandparents, who can't acquire over long-distance charges. They are finally getting used to the fact that tin talking for as long as they want. My married woman phone calls her ma and dada everyday. One of her first cousins lives in Canada. No problem! It's unlimited to there too. Our household wishes to remain in touch, and we're able to make that with so much ease. My nephews believe it's so cool when their uncle phone calls to speak about a game, or to see how school is going.

So bundled television service is three ways the best! All those channels with tons of high definition scheduling have got coddled us for anything else. We could never travel back to another Internet supplier because our cablegram supplier have everything we need. And the telephone set remains hot! We maintain up with everyone across the state and in Canada. And putting all three services together salvages us money with lone 1 measure to pay. Life is good!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sim Free Mobile Phone Deals - No Need To Limit Your Mobility

When we purchase a mobile phone, we anticipate that all our demands will be fulfilled while opting for a contract deal. But some users may recognize that it have virtually tied them down. They cannot alteration their webs even if they want. To forestall such as a situation, the users can certainly choose for sim free mobile telephone trades to salvage the hassles.

Convenience is a word that is synonymous to mobile phones. They do things convenient for us whenever we are on the tally so that any exigency conversations can be easily set across. But if the user is troubled by his network, then the basic intent of mobile telephones is defeated. Sim free mobile telephone trades give a high amount of flexibleness to users so that they can switch over their web whenever they experience the need. They are not tied down by any contracts trades that they have got to go on with the present network.

Sim free mobile telephones trades make not offer any pre-decided sim or GSM web with it. The user can set any sim in it according to his volition as they are not locked for any specific network. This characteristic is especially utile for the user when he have to go far and wide. His web may not be available there and then he can switch over the web easily if he have opted for sim free mobile telephone deals. Even if the user is not satisfied with his current web tariffs, he would wish to change it but cannot make so owed to the contract deals. But this is very much possible with sim free mobile telephone deals.

Sim free mobile telephone trades are also good when the user desires to upgrade his French telephone but desires to go on with the present web provider. If he have a contract mobile deal, he cannot acquire this done as he tied to that French telephone only. But with sim free mobile telephone deals, he can easily change his French telephone just by transferring the sim to the new phone.

Many prima French telephone manufacturing companies like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung etc have got got started to marketplace their sim free mobile telephones as these trades have go very popular nowadays.

The flexibleness attached to these sim free mobile telephones have made them very popular especially with travelers. Users can now utilize Mobiles according to their pick with sim free mobile telephone deals.

Friday, September 28, 2007

So, You Dropped Your Cell Phone in the Toliet?

So you dropped your telephone in the toilet? I'm writing this article out of a sincere desire to assist you, the reader, if you did in fact driblet your telephone in the toilet. By no means, make I have got personal experience with this atrocious concept. However, if I had experience with this nightmare, it might go on like this. If I would have got got accidentally dropped my telephone in the toilet, it would have been for lone 1 reason; I was wearing my new skinny blue jeans that I finally suit into after respective calendar months of good exercising and feeding well. In celebration, Iodine would be wearing these blue blue jeans because I looked great in them and wanted to demo my hubby how cunning his married woman is. I would be getting ready for a nighttime out and I might have got set my cell telephone in the dorsum pocket of my new skinny jeans. Now, I am a woman, and so putting the telephone in the dorsum pocket is a bad thought if you are going off to the bathroom. So, as we go on pretending that this experience might have got happened to me, I'd wish to go through along some advice on what to make if you in fact make driblet your telephone in the toilet.

  • Pull it out of the toilet. I cognize you don't desire to travel in there. You have got to. Cell telephones flushed down anyone's plumbing, whether it be an business office building, flat edifice or home, is not a sort action to draw on the owner. It's bad telephone karma. Get the telephone out. It may be a narrative that you don't desire to state others, and that's fine. But acquire it out of the toilet.
  • DO NOT bend IT ON. Your cell telephone is a machine. Machines typically run on electricity. Toilets typically have got 'water' in them. Electricity and H2O bash NOT MIX. If you, in a minute of terror and despair, effort to turn on your telephone to see if it works, STOP. If you make this, you run the hazard of causing harm to the internal wiring of the phone, because why? Electricity and H2O make not mix. Take the telephone out of the lavatory but make not turn it on.
  • Take the telephone apart. Taking the telephone apart might be a small tricky, but it is your best stake that you might be able to salve it. First, take the battery out and allow it sit. Next, take apart the telephone as much as possible, including the small teeny bantam prison guards that you probably don't have got a screwdriver for. If you don't ain a teeny bantam screwdriver set, phone call your blood brother who have on spectacles and inquire him for his set of screwdrivers for his glasses. He may even volunteer to assist take your telephone apart. Guys like that stuff.
  • Let it dry for twenty four hours. I know, you believe I'm kidding here, right? I'm not. You necessitate to allow it dry. Leave it alone, preferably in a well vented area. Stick it in direct sunshine or bright visible light to assist it dry. You desire every pinpoint of wet to up and leave. This is really of import to let the telephone to ever have got a opportunity for working again.
  • See if it works. Did you really wait for twenty four hours? I wouldn't…if it happened to me. If it happened to me I would have got turned the stupid thing on the minute I pulled it out of the toilet. Now at this point, you should have got a good conjecture if it is working or not. Play around with it if it come ups on. See if you acquire a signal. Try calling your house telephone or your sister and see if it works. If so, praise and you can halt reading. You probably allow it sit down for twenty four hours. If you are like me and didn't, read on.
  • Ask your service supplier to make a diagnostic bank check on it. Most cell telephone companies nowadays have got a local fix store. Go during normal concern hours. Bash not travel at nighttime after work. If you do, you might acquire stuck in a line with everyone else for an hr while everyone else who also didn't drop their telephones in lavatories inquire them to make a diagnostic diagnostic test on their phone. The diagnostic test is typically covered under your program and they can allow you cognize if it is fixable, which can be a little fee of $35, or they can come up back with the awful words: wire DAMAGE. If your telephone is fixable, congratulations. If you turned on your telephone right after you dropped it in the lavatory and they said it had wire damage, read on.
  • Ask about your program and see if you are eligible for a price reduction for a hereafter phone. Most service programs will offer you dismisses for new telephones after being with them for a year, or two old age and so on. Asking if you are owed for a price reduction can assist you make up one's mind your adjacent step. If your telephone have got wire harm and you are not owed for a price reduction off a new phone, you have a few options…
  • Purchase a new phone, purchase a refurbished telephone or inquire your friends for one of their old phones. Buying a new telephone can be a weight on your bank check book; the least expensive you are going to happen full terms is around $200. It is deserving request your cell telephone supplier if they have got any refurbished telephones lying around. These are telephones that have got been repaired and are sold at a lesser price. Or, start career all your friends from your house telephone and see if anyone have an old telephone lying around that they wouldn't mind giving to you. If you are so lucky to have got got a fantastic friend, like I might have if this narrative was true, I would advise, that as a give thanks you, purchase a generous Starbucks gift card to give to your friend in gratitude. The telephone company can easily trip a new telephone for you, typically again, free of charge.
  • Do not set cell telephone in back pocket or purchase coverage for your plan. I would highly advice either of these plans, since it can acquire expensive dropping telephones in toilets. Get in the wont of not bringing your telephone to the ladies room. Bash your phone calls and texting while not in that arena. Insurance may be deserving its delay in wet cell telephones if this is a common phenomenon for you. Of course, it never happened to me.
  • Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Activating Your Mobile Phones Eurotariff

    Just a few calendar months ago, mobile telephone operators were ordered to cut down the rates they charged clients to do and have phone calls when travelling within the EU.

    Operators were asked to offer clients their newly agreed Eurotariff by the end of July; with webs agreeing to switch over all respondents by 30th August. The remaining clients should then anticipate to be switched over sometime during September, receiving a presentment when this have been completed. This makes not however use to those who already have got similar programs activated and should check up on with their web supplier before travelling.

    The europium Committee have put a bounds of 38p per minute for phone phone calls made and at 19p per minute for calls received when travelling abroad. Many operators have got got chosen to fall inline with the guidelines whilst others have made a important reduction. The ground for this is could be owed to three terms bounds being set over the adjacent few years, meaning phone calls will eventually drop below or equal to 29p and 19p by 2009.

    If you're on 3 then you will be paying the last costs. Currently they are charging 25p per minute to do phone calls and 10p per minute to have them. This do them the cheapest operator to utilize when travelling abroad.

    O2 are the 2nd cheapest web operator to utilize when travelling within the EU. They currently complaint 35p per minute to do phone calls and 18p to have them. Whilst this isn't a great economy compared to the bounds put by the europium Commission, they make work out as one of the cheaper providers.

    Unfortunately Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile River have got got chosen to maintain their rates as high as possible, meaning that phone phone calls made from these webs will be at the europium commission's upper bounds limit of 38p per minute and 19p to have them.

    Be careful though, whilst the rates on voice calls have been reduced in many lawsuits by around 50%, information and other complaints still stay high and are deserving checking before you travel.

    Friday, September 14, 2007

    Mobile Phone Chargers - Now With The Help of Wind Energy

    Mobile telephone chargers are inseparable physical thing of any mobile phone. There is no mobile telephone in the human race which is free of its chargers. With the coming of new sophisticated mobile telephone in the market, users of the telephone are paying much importance to its chargers.

    So, people would have got witnessed in every public space there kept a topographic point for mobile chargers. But, there come ups a good news, the job of keeping mobile telephone fully charged when statute miles away from a conventional electricity beginning is being tackled by United Kingdom wind turbine specialists.

    The Orange wind charger paradigm utilizes stored kinetic energy to fully complaint a mobile telephone in up to two hours. Coming in lone 150 grams, the wind generator gives replies to many solar powered telephone chargers (which have got limited functionality at nighttime and in colder climates) and wind-up units.

    The wind charger is attached to a rechargeable battery. Mobile River telephones can then be plugged into a control box on the unit of measurement for charging. An further characteristic of this adroit portable generator is that it can be mounted anywhere in any place.

    Well, the lightweight wind generator is still in it's prototype stage, which specialises in making electricity generating wind turbines, was approached by planetary communication theory corporation Orange. After seeing the functionality of the work, Orange decided to committee a paradigm wind charger to unveil at the recent Glastonbury Music Festival, of which they were a major sponsor. The paradigm was completed in just four hebdomads and there are programs to mass green goods these portable wind generators for release into the marketplace in the close future. The cost of the units of measurement is not yet known.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Treo 750 Unlock Code Input Instructions - Steps To Follow To Unlock Palm Treo 750 PDA

    Treo 750 by Palm is a device that come ups preloaded with Windows Mobile River Operating System. An almost similar device which utilizes Palm's proprietorship operating system instead is the Treo 680.

    This article presumes that you already have got Treo 750 unlock code. Inputting Treo 750 Smartphone's unlock codification is one of the easiest among all the Smartphones. In most cases, since Treo 750 originally come ups with a Cingular SIM card, therefore take the battery and simply infix a non Cingular Sim card in the phone. The telephone will inquire for the unlock code. At this point usage your Stylus and take the small Keyboard icon on the underside center of the screen.

    Enter the unlock codification using the digital keyboard that appears on the screen. Then chink again on the small keyboard icon at the underside middle. After doing so, fourth estate 'OK'.

    Your telephone is now unlocked.

    If you see a message that states "Timeout", just go forth the telephone on with that silver screen and the message will disapear after a piece and on time you for the unlock codification again.

    If you have got a information program on your Treo 750, and once it's unlocked, you may necessitate to change your web connexion scenes in order to breaker the web. In this case, the web scenes have got to changed from those of Cingular to any other radio web carrier. It is a good thought to see your new radio provider's cognition alkali to happen out what their web scenes are. Usually you can happen the reply to that by launching a simple question in the resources country of most web supplier websites.

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    iPhone in Australia

    Australia have long been the victim of delayed engineering and releases. Games, appliances and other "new" engineering are introduced weeks, sometimes calendar months after their release in the United States & Europe. The release of Apple's iPhone is no exclusion -- Commonwealth Of Australia have been given a very indeterminate release day of the month of "sometime in 2008". No specific one-fourth was mentioned.

    With a Europe-wide release slated for late 2007, it's a wonderment why Commonwealth Of Australia & Oceanica have got been excluded from this release period. The hold could be explained by troubled dialogues with Australian bearers & Apple. Telstra's trading operations chief, Greg Winn, recently stated that he sees "significant operation challenges" for the iPhone and proposes that Apple should "stick to their knitting" -- referring to that Apple are not a mobile telephone maker and should lodge to what they make best, making computing machines and mass media players. This translates to bad news for Australians with any hope of seeing the iPhone in Commonwealth Of Commonwealth Of Australia -- Telstra is the lone web that supports the edge network, the primary connexion that the iPhone utilizes for web surfing and ocular voicemail.

    With Telstra not as enthusiastic with taking the iPhone on board, Apple may be waiting for a 3G version of the iPhone to be developed before they let go of it in Australia, Asia & Oceania. Three would be a likely campaigner as it's network is primarily run via 3G, but studies propose that Vodafone is looking to come in dialogues with Apple.

    Until it's belated 2008 release though, there are many unlocking methods available for the impatient. While unlocking the iPhone is an incredibly hazardous procedure (you are effectively flushing your $500 investing down the drainage if you don't cognize what you're doing), it lets for it's most basic mathematical functions to be used.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2007

    Clearance Mobile Phones - Lucrative And Affordable

    Want to purchase the newest mobile telephone with up-to-the-minute technologies! And your pocket is not supporting you! Need not worry you have got enough chances to purchase the telephone of your desire. There are assorted online mobile merchandisers that offering best French telephones on clearance deals.

    The mobile telephone marketplace have undergone great transmutation in the last decades. Today's telephones are more than like a mini-computers than simply mobile phones. Keeping in position to the iconic popularity of mobile telephones the makers like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola are coming up with a broad scope of advanced mobile telephones featuring up-to-the-minute engineerings and eye-catching designs. But mobile telephones have got go cheaper than earlier. Today there are mobile telephones available for both high-end as well as low-end users.

    However, the newly launched telephones are always expensive. But, with the handiness of assorted mobile telephone deals, buying a up-to-the-minute mobile telephone have go very easy. Since the telephone marketplace is highly competitive, often the telephone trades are available for inexpensive rates. The clients acquire enough options to purchase up-to-the-minute telephones along with clearance deals, wage as you travel and assorted contract deals. Especially, the clearance mobile telephones come up with assorted free gifts and benefits. So clients not only acquire up-to-the-minute mobile telephones in a inexpensive charge per unit but also bask the benefits of owning an advanced mobile phone, with characteristics like digital cameras, exciting Java games, MP3 participant and DVD-like video recording.

    Any purchaser wanting to buy a mobile telephone can research assorted online Web supplies and take a moneymaking clearance phones. He can also compare assorted clearance mobile telephones trades offered by numerous retailers. These land sites also offer terms lists and merchandise highlights. Therefore it is easy to compare different French telephones and purchase the desired French telephone at a discounted terms offered on clearance deals. Sometimes, moneymaking tariffs, free minutes, 12 calendar month free line rentals, free coverage are also offered with clearance mobile phones. With clearance mobile phones, you can profit a batch from the assortment of cost effectual offerings given by the merchants.

    Friday, August 31, 2007

    Clearance Mobile Phones - Cost-Effective Options

    Mobile telephones are really a fantastic gift to the communicating world. These mini devices come up with battalion of features. A single powder compact communicating device allows you maintain in touching with the human race anytime. People these years look for the up-to-the-minute and characteristic rich French telephones with up-to-the-minute characteristics and technologies.

    For some people, these hi-tech phones are not affordable. So they look for French telephones offered with clearance mobile telephone deals. Generally people utilize their French telephones for calling, sending messages, taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, downloading mobile content, etc.
    Today, you can easily ain a recently launched mobile telephone with advanced characteristics with smart functions.

    Before purchasing a mobile phone, just calculate out your communicating needs. The French telephones offered with the clearance mobile telephone trades can be photographic camera phones, basic phones, 3G rich telephones or concern oriented telephones to call a few. Sometimes, you may acquire heavy price reductions on the up-to-the-minute French telephones offered with clearance mobile telephone deals. These discounted telephones include all prima trade names like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG, Motorola and Samsung, etc.

    The online mobile telephone stores have got made it easy to get a up-to-the-minute mobile telephone model. The best trade is contract trade as it come ups with battalion of attractive gifts and inducements which offering free texts, free minutes, free coverage and free accessories. An effectual medium is online mobile stores that offering a batch of moneymaking offerings and beguiling gifts like i-Pod, laptop, etc. The cost effectual duty options and low-cost line leases with clearance mobile trades less your monthly mobile bills. The assorted online comparing mobile stores offering superb offerings with first-class inducements as talking time, free handset, calling proceedings and textual matter messages.

    So return advantage of the clearance mobile telephones which are the up-to-the-minute and technologically advanced French telephones offered at low prices.

    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    TV Mobile Phone Nokia N77

    Nokia N77 Black is a television mobile telephone with DVB-H engine of 470-750 MHz. The user interface it come ups with is S60 3 rd edition. A user of Nokia N77 would be able to see 5 hours of uninterrupted TV. Nokia N77 Black come ups with 20MB internal memory and 2GB hot barter microSD card.

    Dimensions : 111 x 50 x 19 millimeter

    Weight : 114 g

    Stand-by: Up to 180 hrs

    Offering an optimized mobile television experience in a compact word form factor, the Nokia N77 Black integrates DVB-H for television viewing. Through the Program Usher in the mobile television application they can see programme information up to seven days, browsing television channels, purchase new channels if desired and choice the television programme they are interested in.

    The Nokia N77 offerings storage of up to 1500 tracks. Enjoy favourite DJs or detect a rich new human race of music with Ocular Radio. With support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA, no song should travel unheard. For enhanced personal sound quality, link the in-box earpiece buds or usage the Nokia Audio Arranger with standard 3.5 millimeter connection to hook up to a compatible headphone. With a 2.0-megapixel camera, the N77 is much more than than just dwell TV. Designed to work on 3G, edge and GSM networks, consumers can pull off their twenty-four hours on the spell with email, calendar and to-do lists.

    For connectivity and information transportation Nokia N77 Black come ups with engineerings like Pop-Port Interface and Bluetooth™. The 2 megapixel in-built photographic camera in the mobile telephone will allow a user of this mobile telephone gaining control mental images with up to 1600×1200 pixels. The photographic camera would also be able to chink picture cartridge holders with up to 15 fps.

    Listening to music with Nokia N77 Black would be easy as it come ups with Music Player with AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA/MP3. A stereo system frequency modulation radiocommunication also be present which will allow a user of this mobile telephone to undergo ocular radiocommunication services. With SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 support, Nokia N77 Black would be a mobile phone, which will allow its user direct electronic mails with fond regard of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf, nothing files. Sending and receiving millimeters as well as samariums would be possible with this mobile phone.

    This mobile telephone is available in PhoneAndBeyond at present. To purchase and order Nokia N77 you would then necessitate to put your online order www.phoneandbeyond.com and the merchandise will be shipped to you as soon as we realise the cash.

    Monday, August 27, 2007

    What's A Pastor Doing Writing Novels?

    What's a pastor doing writing novels?

    I'm glad you asked! It's a long story, but I'll keep it brief.

    I left a very special paid ministry position over four years ago, unclear what I was supposed to do with myself next. Six months later, sitting alone at a spot somewhere along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, I was still wondering, and cried out to God to show me the right direction for my life. At the time, I was reading through Isaiah. After I had prayed, the very next words I read were these:

    "Hear, you deaf, look, you blind, and see! Who is blind but my servant, and deaf like the messenger I send? Who is blind like the one committed to me, blind like the servant of the Lord? You have seen many things, but have paid no attention; your ears are open, but you hear nothing." (Is 42:18-20)

    Needless to say, I sat up and took notice! What was it I had not heard or seen? Immediately I felt God say to me, not in a judgmental way, but in a gentle and loving voice: 'I've already shown you what to do, Jo-Anne! Go home, write the book, and learn Turkish!'

    I did exactly that. At least, I tried to learn Turkish, as time permitted. I had already begun to think about my first novel before this trip to Turkey to visit my friend, but had put it aside, too distracted to make any headway, and too unsure about whether this was indeed a 'legitimate' project on which to squander my time. Now I decided that if God had said it was all right, then maybe I could do it – especially if by one day having it published, I could thereby fund future trips to Turkey to support my friend's ministry there!

    I began writing in earnest. There had been an idea for a novel deep inside me for a long time – over twenty years, in fact, ever since meeting a courageous woman with an amazing life story in a church where my husband was ministering. She was dead now, but could I possibly weave her story, or parts of it, into something of my own creation? I would try, I decided. I would try to show how God sustained her (or rather my 'heroine') through many difficulties in her life, and hopefully allow her to inspire others to stand tall and keep the faith.

    And soon she came alive for me, as did other characters who seemingly appeared from nowhere at times and insisted on becoming part of the narrative. It was hard work, but I loved it with my whole heart. I felt so at home with myself and with God – as if all the things I had done in my life were coming together in a shape that was truly me, the person I had been created to be. Under God's hand, I had needed to do those other things, including being a pastor. Yes, they were extremely important in themselves – but they were also part of the larger picture, part of the preparation for what lay ahead.

    After a year, and countless revisions, my first novel was complete. Another year, and quite a few rejection letters later, it was finally accepted for publication by Ark House Press, an Australian Christian publishing company. A few months passed, and I was then told it was considered to be too long, and would I be willing to divide it into two? Eventually, I did so, fashioning a shorter novel and a sequel from the original manuscript. More months went by, until at last I was notified that 'Helena' would be published in April 2007, followed by the sequel a year later.

    In the meantime, I had written a third novel, and have now completed a fourth. I believe novels can often convey deep truths about God in a way that is non-threatening, that can move people profoundly, and impact them in their daily lives forever. I believe God can use the words I write or the characters who emerge in my books or an image in a story to say things that might not be understood otherwise, and perhaps even reach those who might never otherwise hear such things. As I write, I find myself both listening to God and listening to where the story wants to go – I dare to hope even that these might be one and the same. Often for me, as the American writer Madeleine L'Engle once said, 'to write is to pray'. What a privilege it is to hear the creative and loving heart of God and to try to recreate something at least of this with my own words!

    I have a long way to go yet as a writer – I feel at times I am only beginning to find the voice God has given me. I still love speaking publicly, but I have discovered another deeply satisfying way of communicating, of hopefully touching hearts, perhaps even more significantly, with life-giving truths from God. I am deeply thankful for the journey on which God has taken me. I am so grateful in particular for my years of study at theological college and of pastoring in a local church. Truly God's ways are higher than my ways – 'to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness' (Ps 115:1b).

    Monday, July 30, 2007

    Plant Spirit Shamanism - What's Up With The Weather?

    Plant spirit shamen - natural therapists who work with herbs, ritual, and the elements - have got got long known that the human race is not made up of distinct and separate parts, but that we are all one: that the butterfly consequence of a single other driblet of H2O released from a cloud into a Gloucestershire river could eventually take to implosion therapy in the distant streets of London.

    Through Gaea Theory and a more than informed apprehension in recent old age of how the natural world, the environment, and the clime really works, some men of science are also coming unit of ammunition to the shaman's age-old view of the connexions between all things.

    How might these men of science and the shamen counter some of the current agnosticism about 'carbon footprints' and clime change, and what might they state about the 'freak weather condition conditions' many of us have been experiencing lately? What are the expostulations of the sceptics, what are the facts, and what are men of science and modern-day shamans saying?

    DOES carbon dioxide (CO2) cause GLOBAL WARMING?

    The skeptics state there is no "proof" of this. But cogent evidence is not the occupation of science, which deals, in fact, with the fine art of probabilities. Scientists, that is, do hypotheses ('best guesses') which are there not to be proved, but to be disproved - if possible.

    The current best think – that CO2 makes make a Greenhouse Consequence by trapping solar radiation in the ambiance and causing temperatures rises on World – have been around since 1829, when Chief Joseph Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier first put option forward this hypothesis – and no-one's proven him incorrect yet.

    Indeed, a recent study of almost 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles could not happen one which disagreed that clime alteration is a man-made phenomenon and that our end product of CO2 dramas a big portion in this.

    Even those with a vested involvement in proving the men of science incorrect – like oil companies Exxon-Mobil, Shell, and BP – have all issued statements recently agreeing with the evidence: that clime alteration is taking place, that is happening as a consequence of our activities, and that CO2 is a factor.

    One topographic point you can work out your ain C footmark is direct.gov.uk/ActOnCO2. You might be surprised at just how much you contribute.

    If you'd then like the opportunity to something positive and practical to cut down it, another land site to check up on is http://www.thefourgates.com/villagefundraisers.html#earth thefourgates.com – then follow the nexus from The Village page to the fundraisers page and chink on the World C.O.S.T. link: Carbon Offset to Salvage Trees).


    The current counter-theory to CO2 as the cause of planetary heating and climate alteration is one which seeks to put the incrimination on solar radiation. It looks at best, however, to be a no-theory. It have been known for many years, that is - and commonsense should state us in any case! - that solar radiation plays a portion in keeping the planet warm, because when the Sun radiances we all acquire a tan!

    The science, however, demoes that the Sun plays a much littler function than nursery gasses in the state of affairs now facing us.


    Water vapor is a known portion of the Greenhouse Consequence – but it responds to alterations in clime rather than causing clime change. Vaporization and precipitation is a rhythm and any H2O in the ambiance doesn't remain there for more than than a few weeks.

    Nature itself, in its widest to its narrowest forms, is also cyclical: the rhythm of life and death. Animals and works live, die, and go nutrient for others, and the CO2 they make acquires used up elsewhere as a consequence of this natural cycle.

    Humans meanwhile, pump six gigatonnes of CO2 into the ambiance every twelvemonth and take small if any out. Nor make we set any fresh air back. We could make through activities like tree planting, since every tree naturally beginnings 650 kilogram of CO2, transforming pollution, offsetting carbon, and giving us back fresh air. The job is that few people are planting trees and, in fact, deforestation – the contrary of what we should be doing – is a major issue.

    In 1600, for example, over 12% of Eire was covered by broadleaf forests. By 1800, the figure was down to 2%. Since then, the state have been working to reconstruct its woods but, by 2000, only 7% of forests had been returned. And, in the urgency to set trees back, the majority of planting have been non-native trees. Many of these – like the iroko, from Occident Africa - are being logged in such as an unsustainable manner that if the present charge per unit of depletion goes on the woods there will be gone in five years. The result is deadlock (at best).

    It is for these grounds that The Village have introduced the World C.O.S.T. Program to works a new wood of indigenous trees at its Centre for environmental and personal healing.

    As it is, the World absorbs about one-half of our current CO2 but the remainder hangs around as a nursery gas. Cutting back on energy use and planting more trees would help. We cognize this because degrees of CO2 have got been stable for one thousands of old age until the Industrial Revolution began 150 old age ago and deforestation also became rife.

    ISN'T clime change JUST part OF A natural CYCLE?

    It is true that every 100,000 old age or so the World is subject to climate alterations owed to its celestial orbit around the Sun. This is known as Milankovitch Cycle and its personal effects as well as its timeline are all fairly predictable.

    In the 1970s, for example, men of science were already warning of a approaching Ice Age as a consequence of this Cycle, so nothing's changed there - except the timing. We should be able to foretell about 50,000 old age of natural heating as a consequence of the Milankovitch Cycle, that is; the problem, however, is that current heating is off the scale of measurement by a factor of – well, a lot! – if lone the Milankovitch Cycle was the cause.

    Climate alteration and planetary heating is speeding the procedure up.

    WE CAN'T PREDICT THE weather condition EVEN Type A few days AHEAD sol HOW bash WE KNOW WHAT THE clime OF THE future HOLDS?

    Firstly, weather isn't climate. Weather mentions to individual cases of sun or rainfall in specific geographical areas; clime is the norm of all these cases over a larger country and a longer clip period of time. Weather alterations rapidly (which is why it can be so difficult to predict) but clime is relatively stable.

    An analogy, if you're a gaming man, is the word form of a peculiar horse. Of course of study you can't foretell (i.e. know) if he'll win the race you've just wager the house on, but if you look back over his form, his public presentation on certain fields, and his fitness degrees now, then mean out his wins against losses, you can acquire an thought of his possible in this approaching race – adequate to do an informed decision, at least, on where to put your bet.

    Which conveys us back to our first point, since this is also how scientific discipline works: through educated best guesses. And the current best guess, after studying past word form and looking at the wellness of the planet now, is that man-made CO2 is leading to raised temperatures and to clime change.

    WHAT bash THE shamen SAY?

    The Siouan medical specialty adult male Black Elk spoke early last century of the "sacred hoop of life", that all things are "one" and that everything is portion of a "great circle of existence". Visionaries like Black Elk, and works spirit shamen today, cognize that life on our planet amounts to far more than than the distinct boxes, capable of control and intervention, that we have got taken it to be until now.

    James Lovelock – a illusionist man of science rather than a priest-doctor – have also shown, in our century, through his Gaea Hypothesis, that the human race is alive, aware, and intelligent; a self-regulating being that seeks balance, like our ain bodies.

    The occupation of human beings, states Lovelock, is "through our intelligence and communicating [to move as] the nervous system of the planet. Through us, Gaea have seen herself from space and gets to cognize her topographic point in the universe. We should be the bosom and head of the Earth, not its malady".

    A low supplication that we might begin taking our rightful topographic point by simply planting a few more than trees.

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Save Your Children's Future - Use Solar Panels

    Solar panels work by converting sunshine into electricity. The scientific discipline behind this transition is known as photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic Cells or solar cells as they are more than commonly referred to are the major constituents of any residential solar powerfulness system.

    Photovoltaic (PV) bring forths electricity directly from the negatrons that are freed when sunshine hits the surface of the PV cell and interacts with the semiconducting stuff material in the PV cell. These cells are wired together to constitute a PV module, which is the least PV constituent sold commercially. The PV faculties scope in powerfulness from 10 Watts to 300 watts.

    The natural stuff for the solar panel is silicon oxide (sand). The manufacturing procedure takes all of the drosses and defects, and consequences in a solar-grade silicon oxide provender stock. From there the Si oxide is coated with Boron or Phosphorus to pinch the frequences of visible visible light silicon oxide reacts to.

    When sunshine hits the solar cell with adequate energy the photons in the light knocking negatrons free in the silicon crystalline construction forcing them through an external electrical circuit or Direct District of Columbia Load and then returning them to the other side of the Solar Panel to begin the procedure all over again (thus the renewal source).

    The flowing of freed negatrons consequences in a electromotive force end product of approximately 0.5v per single crystalline solar cell. The Amperage end product is directly relative to the cells surface country – about 7amps for a 6 inch foursquare solar cell. Typically you will see 30 to 36 cells wired in series or in parallel with other solar faculties to from a complete solar array to bear down your battery bank, within your solar powerfulness system.

    The PV faculty bring forths direct current (DC) but your place utilizes alternating current (AC). Therefore, solar panels necessitate that we include a convertor in the system to convert the District of Columbia current to actinium current. This is accomplished with an inverter, a particular piece of equipment that converts or alterations District of Columbia electricity to AC.

    Once the solar array (the aggregation of solar panels wired together in your solar powerfulness system) begins producing electricity you can utilize the electrical power, shop it for later utilize or sell it back to your local public utility if your system is connected to the grid. Selling back to the public utility is referred to net-metering.

    As more than than and more places convert to solar powerfulness we can anticipate to see major improvements in the efficiency of solar cells just as we experienced improvements in gas milage in autos with carburetors, combustible injection, etc.

    In order to hive away the fresh electricity for later use, you will necessitate to integrate batteries into the solar powerfulness system. These batteries function the same intent as the batteries in a car. Every clip you begin your car, the ignition is utilizing the stored electrical powerfulness in the battery to turn over the starter motor motor. Rich Person you ever tried to begin your auto and nil happens? If the starter motor motor is working properly, you cognize that the battery is dead and there is no electrical current available to powerfulness the starter which in bend starts the motor.

    Solar batteries shop the surplus PV electricity until it is needed at a future clip to run your contraption or the lights, etc. Once the batteries are fully charged you necessitate to turn off any incoming powerfulness or they will be damaged. The solar batteries are District of Columbia just as the battery in your car. This agency the batteries will be installed in your solar system between the Photovoltaic Cells and the inverter.

    Note: You will be better off buying the best deep rhythm batteries you can afford. Industrial deep rhythm batteries can be $200 each, but have got a life anticipation of 5-8 years. Your auto battery will only last 1 twelvemonth in deep rhythm applications.

    It is deserving noting that even though Pb acid batteries are not environmentally friendly; the option of relying on dodo combustibles is a poorer choice.

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Environmental-Friendly Homes Using Natural Building Materials And Techniques

    With today's exaggerated terms on energy and the pressing demand to be more than environmentally friendly, edifice a self-sustaining place that volition save you money as well as your environment is on the rise. If you are considering edifice a new home, make bank check out the natural edifice stuffs available today. It will have got a positive consequence on your pocket and the environment.

    There are nearly 20 types of natural edifice techniques used in place edifice today. Some of the most common techniques used are sketches below.

    One of the most popular word forms of natural edifice in United States is the bale building. Straw-Bale Construction is the pattern of taking baled straw tons to make extra-insulated walls. Straw bales supply the ultimate in insulation, are lightweight, cost almost nil and make not necessitate many tools. Mixing straw with natural plaster supplies places the ability to 'breathe', something missing in our society today. Department of Housing and Urban Development (Housing and Urban Development), Fannie Mae (a stockholder owned company, established to spread out the flowing of mortgage finances in all communities, at all times, under all economical statuses and to assist less the costs to purchase a home) and Habitat for World have got approved the building of bale edifices which are economical, healthy and insurable too.

    You can state adobe style houses are built both by the rich and poor. It's because in the South these types of places are built because the householders cannot afford anything better whereas in the Southwest, the rich construct adobe homes. This type of lodging made from sun-dried clay bricks, have been in usage for centuries all over the world.

    A mixture of clay and sand are used in the building of adobe homes. Sometimes straw and manure are added. The clay mixture is poured into casts and left to harden in the sun for days. They are then laid on a rock or concrete foundation using traditional masonry techniques. Mud is the howitzer of pick for adobe style homes, however concrete or calcium hydroxide also have a history of use. Because of the terrible limitations on adobe constructions, it is limited to the desert southwest.

    Among the most self-sufficient places built are earthship homes. Michael Sir Joshua Reynolds of Solar Survival Architecture started earthship construction. An independent structure, created and sustained by solar energy and recycled materials, the walls of earthship places were and still are created from soil-filled tires, which are first-class thermic conductors. Bottles, tins and other recyclables fill up the spreads between the tires. The edifice is typically framed with localised wood and roofed metallic element that volition accumulate rainwater. Optical ascents include integrated effluent treatment systems, photovoltaic electrical systems and solar hot H2O and heating. There have got been many Earthships communities built in topographic points like New United Mexican States and Arizona.

    Another common method of edifice places today are using recycled edifice materials, with the exclusive intent of creating less waste. By using stuffs and physical objects that would otherwise stop up as trash, you will not only construct an low-cost place but one that is earth-friendly as well.

    Tuesday, July 3, 2007

    Global Warming

    Global heating is agitating our minds, particularly after the report of the intergovernmental panel on clime change four issues are under debate. Are industrialisation and higher lifestyles responsible for this warming? Which states and parts are the highest emitters of planetary nursery gases?

    And monolithic technological breakthroughs restrict future emanation to acceptable levels. We must not fall quarry to extremist position. A large number of men of science differ with the position of the ambiance and industrialisation is the cause of it. Global clime changes all the time owed to natural causes and the human impact still stays impossible to separate from the natural noise.

    The essence do their ain merchandise usage the alcoholic beverage and ethylene. No consequence for atmosphere. Imagine the impact of large scale of measurement acceptance of solar thermic powerfulness plants. The first of which travels on watercourse in Kingdom Of Spain in Sevilla by the twelvemonth end. Developing country along the equator, which are expected to face the brunt of planetary warning could go planetary leaders in energy production with a solar energy breakthrough. Let us not be swept away by the planetary warning debate.

    We must take a cool and hard expression at planetary engineering partnerships and engineer tectonic displacements to beat the Malthusian and baseball club of Roma syndrome. Shortages of this magnitude can be a serious hindrance to economical activity. History proved Thomas Malthus incorrect because he failed to include the ingenuity of the resource, the human mind. Similarly, bounds to growth, predicted that Economic growing will eat up our natural resources rapidly and make ruinous conditions.

    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Human Population Crisis

    There are numerous problems with the environment today. Problems that are in dire need of attention. However, what needs to be acknowledged is that the vast majority of these problems cannot be corrected in the long run without first dealing with the problem of overpopulation.

    When people think of population, they're most likely to think of swarms of people. Overpopulation is not population density, but rather the number of people in an area relative to its resources and the capacity of the environment to sustain human activities. Even more important than the number of people are the resources consumed by each person, and the damage done by technologies used to supply them.

    As the population of the United States recently surpassed 300,000,000, many people are still incapable of sensing the problem of overpopulation. They point to the fact that there is enough wide open space available to hold numerous times the present population. But what they don't realize is that most of the open space that they are talking about is not inhabitable.

    Sure there are other countries that have many more people per square mile than the United States. But these countries are either third world countries that use just a small percentage of the natural resources that we do, or else they rely on other countries to supply them with natural resources. Overpopulation is when the number of people can not be permanently maintained without depleting resources and without degrading the environment and the people's standard of living. Because we are rapidly using up resources around the world, virtually all nations are overpopulated.

    Saturday, June 9, 2007

    Earth in a Pressure Cooker - The Global Warming Controversy, Part Two

    The Evils of Burning Down our Forests

    What would become of the Earth's oxygen supply if all our forests were destroyed?

    One report states that 30% of CO2 levels rising higher each year are due to deforestation, particularly due to slash-and-burn operations, perpetrated by greedy, selfish cultivators, who are ruthlessly raping our rainforests, such as in South America and Africa. However, the brutality of deforestation has been conducted in Brazil, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and even the United States. In fact, slash-and-burn methods are conducted by more than two-hundred million people across the planet, particularly in the nations listed above. Not only does the burning of these forests create pollution and higher CO2 levels, but the lack of these forestlands robs the planet of the necessary oxygen-producing trees that we need for life-support.

    Another report states that a large portion of rainforest in South America, particularly Brazil, had been burned down and replaced by soybean farms. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the soybean crops failed. Why? Because the soil was naturally geared toward growing rainforests, not soybeans! And if those rainforests have been there for thousands of years, do you think you can easily grow soybeans overnight? Obviously you need a certain kind of soil for soybeans, and then a certain kind of soil for rainforests. Ma Nature seems to know how to do this because she's the Master Gardener. Perhaps we can learn from her. Intelligent environmentalists maintain the view that the rainforests are the lungs of the world, as if our precious planet is a huge organism. Stop and think about that for several moments.

    If most of or all of our rainforests are destroyed, particularly in South America and Africa, you have an organism that can't breathe very easily, and there will be extreme oxygen depletion in our atmosphere. That is probably far more scarier than you can imagine. But the soybean farmers would rather have money in their pockets from selling soybeans than having good old-fashioned air to breathe. I hate to bring up this next analogy, because there are a lot of smokers out there. Alright, you could liken the burning of rainforests to the burning up lungs of a heavy smoker, because it's much harder for a smoker to breathe then a non-smoker. Incidentally, I'm an ex-smoker, so I stopped before it was too late, so I know what it's like.

    Another fact is that our forests remove carbon dioxide and pollutants from the atmosphere, and emits large quantities of oxygen back into it, which helps stabilize life on the planet. It's also a fact that all plants, especially trees, deliver the appropriate amount of revitalized oxygen in order to support life on our planet. And yet another fact is that the rainforests produce about 40% of all the oxygen on the Earth. But if these precious forests begin to disappear, so will our precious oxygen. There will be less air to breathe for our inhabitants, 6.6 billion of us (not counting other life-forms), but since global warming will begin killing people off, maybe things will balance out in the end. (Yeah right!)

    Another report states that between 1960 and 1990 one-fifth of the planet's rainforests were destroyed. If these kinds of deforesting procedures continue, it is estimated that all tropical forests could disappear by the year 2090. That would definitely devastate the whole planet and its inhabitants -- to put it mildly

    Deforestation, particularly caused by slash-and-burning, wildfires, the occasional arsonist, and other tragic methods as well, leads to higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, so these heinous activities must be stopped, because our precious plant-life is extremely important, especially our major forests. If all the forests were ruthlessly destroyed, there would be nearly 40% less oxygen on the planet, which means the CO2 levels would increase much higher, so this would inevitably annihilate the inhabitants here. With CO2 levels increasing and oxygen decreasing, that equals death to life on Earth. We would literally choke to death!

    Although "reforestation" is practiced in some areas, that is, the replanting of new trees, I don't think it's being done fast enough to replace all of our vital forests we have already lost.

    More Bad News We Just Don't Want To Hear

    Another side effect of global warming has been "bad weather" anomalies, which means there will be increased intensity and frequency of various weather patterns involving hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and even droughts, and there will be major heat waves as well. There are also reports that estimate the possibility of the extinction of certain species. In fact, I recently heard in the news that several species of birds are already dying off and possibly becoming endangered. Another report states that there will be an increase of diseases. In fact, thirty new diseases have arrived on the scene, just in the last quarter-century. Naturally, the skeptical experts will deny this particular connection to the climate problem, saying the Chicken-Little environmentalists are just trying to throw anything and everything into the global warming stewpot. You have to realize that on this planet everything is interconnected. Everything! This one big living organism, our beloved Emerald Planet, needs our help. I don't think Ma Nature can do it alone. We've got to stop attacking her and start working with her. Or we could be heading toward mass-annihilation. Who wants that on their conscience?

    You may have heard the theory that there once was life on Mars, perhaps several thousands of years ago, of which there is some evidence. Did the Martians destroy themselves -- just like we are about to do?

    Gas Guzzlers Beware!

    Yes it's true! Fuel emissions are on the rise! Since the world's population is approximately 6.6 billion (and it's still growing!), does that mean there are approximately six-billion gas-spewing vehicles on this planet as well? Alright, there are a few backward countries where the people either don't have automobiles or they're too poor to own them, which means they probably use their feet or pedal bicycles to get around -- or the occasional rickshaw. So even if we guesstimated approximately five-billion automobiles and various other forms of transportation that are used on the planet, we're talking about a massive amount of polluted air. Plus, let's throw in some miscellaneous factories that chug out plumes of nasty smoke as well. Yes, we can see filthy brown clouds over large cities, but a lot of this dirty air, due to continual winds, is spread throughout our atmosphere. That sounds like a good thing, right? Nope! Those blowing winds are not going to solve the problem, as if making the pollution magically disappear; they're just redistributing pollutants throughout the atmosphere. You could say the wind currents are playing a global shell game with pollutants.

    One report states that the net carbon-emission rate of the planet will have to be decreased by roughly 60%, and on the outside by 80%. Yikes! That sounds like a tall order! Not only that, but we would have to accomplish this by the year 2050 to even begin to reach a place where we are marginally close to almost being safe! Does that mean all of us have to stop driving cars and flying airplanes, and close down our oil refineries and factories, or even stop smoking? Holy moly! Now, how many billions of people are laughing about how absurd this sounds? Go ahead and have your laugh. Alright, if we sit back and idly do nothing about it, except gradually die off, how absurd does that sound?

    How many billions of people really care about our precious planet? In today's modern society we have become vehicularly-dependent, hence we are auto-addicts. Perhaps there needs to be a new AA therapy program for these miserable people -- all six-billion of them! I mean – us! Yeah, I admit it, I'm one too. Perhaps we should start Auto-addicts Anonymous!

    The Boiling Frog Syndrome

    Too many people are non-responsive because the global warming problem appears to be too gradual. It seems there's nothing to really notice, that is, if you're not paying attention or conveniently putting your head in a hole in the ground. You could say it's an illusion that the climate crisis seems to be occurring slowly, but it's actually happening much faster than you think. Within the last couple of decades there have been radical changes come to pass, as we have discussed already. Let's not forget those vanishing islands, or big chunks breaking away from the ice caps.

    The problem is that we humans also are stricken with the Boiling Frog Syndrome. You've probably heard it by other names. Al Gore refers to this analogy in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truths. We all know that if you put a frog in a saucepan of boiling water, it will immediately jump out. So you have to trick the little critter, put it in a pan of pleasantly cool water, and it will just sit there. If you turn the burner on, and let the water very gradually warm up, keeping the burner on low, this particular frog, not being very bright, will just sit there and eventually be boiled to death, or so the theory goes. Personally, if I was the frog, and the water was starting to get too hot, I would be urged to jump out.

    Unfortunately, there are too many frogs in the world that just don't care, and they're letting themselves be boiled to death. We need to have a lot of smart frogs that are willing to jump out of the water before it boils. In other words, we the people have to become vigilant participants and activists and crank the heat down. Which means we must do whatever it takes, even if that means making a lot of sacrifices to our personal lifestyles.

    Now the question is, how many frogs boiling in a saucepan does it take before there's too many? And will they get smart enough to jump out in time?

    * * *