Thursday, November 1, 2007

Samsung U100 - The Real Don

The new Samsung U100 Ultra Edition 5.9 French telephone coming with a thickness of 5.9mm is considered as the slimmest telephone in the World. It is the attractive thin casing that have made the theoretical account U100 from Samsung one of the hot merchandising telephones in the market. The French telephone come ups with easy to utilize features, but the slender designing is the chief attractive force to this handset. The mobile telephone French telephone from Samsung come ups in a choice of fashionable Grey with achromatic coloring material that adds beauty to the silkiness of the handset.

The colour silver silver screen of the Samsung U100 mobile telephone assists the user by providing up to 262k colors on a 1.9 Inch show with a 220 x 176 screen resolution. The widescreen of the mobile telephone assists the users in screening the photographs and picture recording beautifully on the high coloring material screen.

The Samsung U100 theoretical account mobile telephone come ups with a built in photographic camera that volition aid the user to capture still photographs with perfect and first-class quality. It is also possible for him to hive away and share the images along with the household and friends with the support of the millimeters service. The photographic camera installation of Samsung U100 theoretical account mobile telephone helps the user in taking photos with the same quality of that of a professional cameraman.

The Samsung U100 Red come ups with a built in mass media participant that guarantees the user perfect musical entertainment. It is possible for the user to download and bask his front-runner melodies with the aid of this mobile phone. This theoretical account mobile telephone from Samsung back ups MP3 and polyphonic sound tintinnabulation tones of voice that tin be chosen depending upon the penchants and taste sensations of the user.

This peculiar theoretical account mobile telephone come ups with an internal memory of 70 Mbytes that assists the user to hive away the photos, picture footage and messages. The mobile telephone also have the installations to send, shop and have electronic mails making it good for the users who are away from the business office or place personal computer.

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