Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sony Ericsson K530i - Personal Computer in Your Pocket


A mobile telephone is nil but a agency for communication. There are different theoretical accounts and different types of mobile telephones whereas Sony Ericsson K530i Ag is different. It is in fact different in all respect. Certain particular characteristics available in the mobile telephone are given below.

An Out look

Sony Ericsson K530i Ag mobile telephone is very smooth and a glossy mobile phone. Besides a telephone it have both photographic camera and cyberspace options. Among the Kelvin series mobile telephones in Sony Ericsson, this theoretical account of mobile telephone is more than popular and fast moving mobile phone. It have a big digital colour screen. There is a pilotage key just below the silver screen and near to it is the short cut key which enables the user to have got an easy entree the chief tool bar. This type of mobile telephone is available in two colours they are achromatic and silver. Since the mobile is glossy and convenient it can be easily carried and it suits into any size of the pocket. The size of the mobile is 102 millimetres long, and the breadth is 46 millimeters, the weight of the mobile is just 92 grammes only.

User's information

There are certain particular characteristics in the mobile which is commonly not available in all the other mobile phones. They are as follows:


Sony Ericsson Kelvin 530i Ag have the cyberspace browser which can be accessed easily from any portion of the world. It have the hypertext markup language version of 2.0 and a 3G telephone which assists the user to quickly entree the cyberspace and which even assists the user to entree it though he is beyond the mobile coverage. It have RSS feeds which supply all the studies to the mobile device through these feeds. There is also picture conferencing available in this mobile telephone with which the user can name the other individual having the same characteristic for video conferencing and expression at the other company human confront to face. Due to handiness of 3G the transferring of information is very simple and fast.

Blue tooth

This mobile of Sony Ericsson Kelvin 530i have got bluish tooth with which the user can have handiness to the caput set without the usage of wires. It also have the USB connecting facility. With this the user can shift all the data files and booklets from one mobile to another. This mobile telephone have a memory card which have memory up to 16 megabyte and which can be extended up to 1GB.

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