Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Glofiish Mobiles - The Smart Mobiles

E-TEN up-to-the-minute appliances come up with many characteristics that includes 3.5G connectivity (HSDPA/WCDMA), Windows Mobile River 6, GPS, Wi-Fi and a VGA display.

E-TEN Glofiish X800 is an ultra-thin all-in-one Pocket personal computer Telephone with 3.5G connectivity. The Glofiish's Windows Mobile River 6 platform and big VGA show present improved ways to work with documents, messages and multimedia system while on the move.

The Glofiish Mobiles betters mobile communication theory with faster downloads to do surfing the cyberspace and checking electronic mail more enjoyable. The recently launched Windows Mobile River 6 platform in the offerings new and improved ways for Glofiish Mobiles to remain productive while on the move. The new Windows Live for Windows Mobile River suite come ups with public utilities to simplify web search, email, instantaneous messaging and blogging all from a single location.

The big VGA show in the telephone additions the mobile productiveness letting users show more of their documents, calendars, messages and spreadsheets onscreen at once. In improver to it, the mobile multimedia system more gratifying by allowing images and picture to be viewed in finer detail.

Coming in the dimension of 113.5x60.5x15.8 mm, the Glofiish mobile telephone keeps a similar ultra-thin, pocket-friendly dimensions. Users of the Glofiish Pocket personal computer telephones cognize - all its merchandises come ups with all-in-one connectivity solution - GSM, Wi-Fi, general practitioners and Bluetooth.

The device touts two digital cameras, an auto-focus 2-megapixel version at the rear to capture high-quality photographs and video, and a front-mounted VGA photographic camera for picture calling.

Fast performance, good battery life for a Pocket personal computer telephone with quadruple radio radios, very good keyboard, general practitioners is great at getting a hole even under harmful conditions. WiFi and Bluetooth will maintain your device connected and the unlocked quadruplet set human race telephone will maintain you talking around the globe.

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