Friday, September 28, 2007

So, You Dropped Your Cell Phone in the Toliet?

So you dropped your telephone in the toilet? I'm writing this article out of a sincere desire to assist you, the reader, if you did in fact driblet your telephone in the toilet. By no means, make I have got personal experience with this atrocious concept. However, if I had experience with this nightmare, it might go on like this. If I would have got got accidentally dropped my telephone in the toilet, it would have been for lone 1 reason; I was wearing my new skinny blue jeans that I finally suit into after respective calendar months of good exercising and feeding well. In celebration, Iodine would be wearing these blue blue jeans because I looked great in them and wanted to demo my hubby how cunning his married woman is. I would be getting ready for a nighttime out and I might have got set my cell telephone in the dorsum pocket of my new skinny jeans. Now, I am a woman, and so putting the telephone in the dorsum pocket is a bad thought if you are going off to the bathroom. So, as we go on pretending that this experience might have got happened to me, I'd wish to go through along some advice on what to make if you in fact make driblet your telephone in the toilet.

  • Pull it out of the toilet. I cognize you don't desire to travel in there. You have got to. Cell telephones flushed down anyone's plumbing, whether it be an business office building, flat edifice or home, is not a sort action to draw on the owner. It's bad telephone karma. Get the telephone out. It may be a narrative that you don't desire to state others, and that's fine. But acquire it out of the toilet.
  • DO NOT bend IT ON. Your cell telephone is a machine. Machines typically run on electricity. Toilets typically have got 'water' in them. Electricity and H2O bash NOT MIX. If you, in a minute of terror and despair, effort to turn on your telephone to see if it works, STOP. If you make this, you run the hazard of causing harm to the internal wiring of the phone, because why? Electricity and H2O make not mix. Take the telephone out of the lavatory but make not turn it on.
  • Take the telephone apart. Taking the telephone apart might be a small tricky, but it is your best stake that you might be able to salve it. First, take the battery out and allow it sit. Next, take apart the telephone as much as possible, including the small teeny bantam prison guards that you probably don't have got a screwdriver for. If you don't ain a teeny bantam screwdriver set, phone call your blood brother who have on spectacles and inquire him for his set of screwdrivers for his glasses. He may even volunteer to assist take your telephone apart. Guys like that stuff.
  • Let it dry for twenty four hours. I know, you believe I'm kidding here, right? I'm not. You necessitate to allow it dry. Leave it alone, preferably in a well vented area. Stick it in direct sunshine or bright visible light to assist it dry. You desire every pinpoint of wet to up and leave. This is really of import to let the telephone to ever have got a opportunity for working again.
  • See if it works. Did you really wait for twenty four hours? I wouldn't…if it happened to me. If it happened to me I would have got turned the stupid thing on the minute I pulled it out of the toilet. Now at this point, you should have got a good conjecture if it is working or not. Play around with it if it come ups on. See if you acquire a signal. Try calling your house telephone or your sister and see if it works. If so, praise and you can halt reading. You probably allow it sit down for twenty four hours. If you are like me and didn't, read on.
  • Ask your service supplier to make a diagnostic bank check on it. Most cell telephone companies nowadays have got a local fix store. Go during normal concern hours. Bash not travel at nighttime after work. If you do, you might acquire stuck in a line with everyone else for an hr while everyone else who also didn't drop their telephones in lavatories inquire them to make a diagnostic diagnostic test on their phone. The diagnostic test is typically covered under your program and they can allow you cognize if it is fixable, which can be a little fee of $35, or they can come up back with the awful words: wire DAMAGE. If your telephone is fixable, congratulations. If you turned on your telephone right after you dropped it in the lavatory and they said it had wire damage, read on.
  • Ask about your program and see if you are eligible for a price reduction for a hereafter phone. Most service programs will offer you dismisses for new telephones after being with them for a year, or two old age and so on. Asking if you are owed for a price reduction can assist you make up one's mind your adjacent step. If your telephone have got wire harm and you are not owed for a price reduction off a new phone, you have a few options…
  • Purchase a new phone, purchase a refurbished telephone or inquire your friends for one of their old phones. Buying a new telephone can be a weight on your bank check book; the least expensive you are going to happen full terms is around $200. It is deserving request your cell telephone supplier if they have got any refurbished telephones lying around. These are telephones that have got been repaired and are sold at a lesser price. Or, start career all your friends from your house telephone and see if anyone have an old telephone lying around that they wouldn't mind giving to you. If you are so lucky to have got got a fantastic friend, like I might have if this narrative was true, I would advise, that as a give thanks you, purchase a generous Starbucks gift card to give to your friend in gratitude. The telephone company can easily trip a new telephone for you, typically again, free of charge.
  • Do not set cell telephone in back pocket or purchase coverage for your plan. I would highly advice either of these plans, since it can acquire expensive dropping telephones in toilets. Get in the wont of not bringing your telephone to the ladies room. Bash your phone calls and texting while not in that arena. Insurance may be deserving its delay in wet cell telephones if this is a common phenomenon for you. Of course, it never happened to me.
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