Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Many More People Can This Planet Hold Anyway?

Indeed, growth and development are to be expected and since the human race is breeding like rats the world over it has been estimated and we can expect some 50 Billion people walking the surface of the planet by 2050. Very few of the largest population centers will have the water resources they need.

Systems theory would dictate that we must build and prepare for the future that awaits and remove corruption or the Status Quo barriers which attempt to subdue change, which is a constant. Human populations need to stop breeding so fast and we must pay attention to what is going on, because if we fail to plan, then Mother Nature has another plan and one we most likely will not enjoy.

You see, it is irrelevant to Mother Earth what we choose to do, as there are cycles, patterns and things that just are. Today we have a choice, if we fail to choice that too is a choice. It appears we cannot count on government to fix the problem and the masses are far too demanding to choose. The collective of human consciousness is simply not going to work, we need strength of character and strong individuals to lead the way.

It is the unreasonable man which molds the world to his favor, not the group clinging to the old which is moving out of flavor. All hail the individual and the societies made of strength of character and individuals whose efforts bring change, upgrades to systems.

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