Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dear Think Tank - What is Your Solution to Global Warming?

Not long ago several Climatologists got together in France to decree Global Warming was real. Then they asked what should be done about it. Of course no one had a solution other than shutting down civilization? Well, that is not going to work is it?

Planting Trees with UAVs

So our think tank came up with some ideas of getting rid of CO2, even though we are NOT Global Warming Alarmists purporting Gloom and Doom, we still believe it is wise to cut down on pollution. So, one idea was to plant trees with UAVs. Yes the idea of planting trees using UAVs is something I have been working on for a while.

The seedling would be encapsulated in something like this (attached). I have another idea used to plant crops for Africans by dropping millions of self embedding seedlings, since they are too lazy to plant their own food. Just scatter them by the millions in places of "best chance" to grow.

Removing Urban Heat Footprints

Indeed the Urban Heat footprint of lets say the Los Angeles area is 462 square miles of concrete, inversion layers, 13.5 million people and 5-7 degrees hotter now. Wow, you know look at Pheonix, Las Vegas, Houston, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, etc. We have discussed 'glass or ceramic coatings' on roads to help absorb the heat to prevent the wild weather Cumulous Nimbus cloud formation.

Urban Heat is huge and real of course. If you look at computer modeling for suburb cities in let's say the US you can see the issues. 1-2 degrees in Pacific Ocean Surface temps gives us El Nino, but who knows the future with all that concrete, of course there are positives for parasails, dirigibles or lighter than air flying strategies due to the heat rising, but we need to cool the cities down about 4-5 degrees.

Humankind Can Rise to the Occasion to Curb Climate Change

I agree that any problem can be solved although if people just wish to argue over it, well I just say; "hey if you people ever get serious, then give me a call" but in my observation everyone just wants to have a political war to change the balance of power. I enjoy a good challenge or problem to solve, so I am not worried. Too many over reacting people out there.

Clean Coal technologies are on their way, we need to pay more attention to land-use strategies and such, mankind needs to stop breeding like rats, but, all is not lost. Perhaps you might like to think on this a bit?

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